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The looks that I would wear straight from the catwalk of Lisbon Fashion Week (or stuff that is just really cool)

March 22, 2017

Fashion weeks are always though in some way… so many awesome looks that you want to wear, but they won’t come out until next season yet! A week ago I was in Lisbon for their fashion week and I definitely got shopping fever there. Here are some of the looks I would pluck straight from the catwalk – or looks that are simply awesome. Can you guess which ones I would wear? Continue Reading

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Amsterdam Fashion Week Outfits

February 8, 2017

It was sooo good to be back in Amsterdam again for fashion week: seeing all the amazing people I usually don’t see because I live far away AND getting lots of new fashion inspiration. What’s not to love? This time the fashion week was shorter than usual, but I still had lots of fun, let’s take a look at my outfits. Shall we? Continue Reading

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The 20 Ultimate Prep Guidelines for Fashion Week

January 15, 2017

The fashion season is starting again! Last time, I had an amazing week full with fun experiences, and I cannot wait for the upcoming shows. Preparing yourself for a fashion week is absolutely necessary, a thing which I learned from going to fashion weeks for quite some seasons already. I decided to team up with 7 amazing bloggers to write down The Ultimate Prep Guidelines for Fashion WeekGet Ready!   Continue Reading

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#OOTD: Crispy White for Spring

May 11, 2016

Hi Lovelies!

After my editorial inspiration earlier this week, now it´s time for an #OOTD inspiration! I have always feared the Crispy White outfits because I am super clumsy and I always seem to get stains on my beloved clothes, but this Spring I decided to give it a go with this look! Later on in this blog you will find out how that turned out for me haha, keep reading!

P.s. All these beautiful pictures are taken by my sweet friend and amazing photographer Naelia Salas! Thanks for helping me out :) Continue Reading

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Spotted on the Catwalk: Oldskool Hiphop with Krizia Robustella

February 11, 2016

Badass. Oldskool. Hiphop. There are no other words which describe the AW16/17 Collection from Krizia Robustella better. The designer takes us back to the 80’s and 90’s with ‘Black Street’: a tribute to the streets of New York. On the sounds of ‘No Diggity’ the models parade over the catwalk like true rappers, sunglasses and (faux) fur coats included. Move over hipsters, the gangsters are back!

Krizia Robustella2

Krizia Robustella describes her own style as “Sport Deluxe”, with which she tries to merge comfort with luxury. Most of her designs are inspired by sportswear with wide fits and flexible materials, but are simultaneously mixed with luxury details such as (faux) fur and leather. Besides the graffiti tags and the watercolor effects, the signature print of this collection is created by Nicasi Torres: the illustrator that provided the black and white portraits as a print for many of the designs. In ‘Black Street’ we can see a variation between jogging pants, mesh dresses, oversized sweaters, sporty leggings and crop tops with matching high-waisted pencil skirts. My favorites of the show were the tight graphic leather dress and the oversized fur sweater dress: both have a beautiful color scheme and are fun to wear!

Krizia Robustella1

Furthermore, the overall styling of the collection is done very well with sneakers to emphasize the street style, and the hat with sunglasses to create that ‘badass rapper’ feeling Krizia Robustella is going for. Fun details are the fur hats and bags as accessories, which are the cherries on the pie of ‘Black Street’. This young designer has a vibrant vision, which is very clear while watching her collection rock the runway. Isn’t it fascinating to see how oldskool inspirations can become young and fresh in the right hands? I’m a fan Krizia, and definitely looking forward to seeing more of you!

Check out some of my favorite looks of the show down below, would you wear any of her designs?

Krizia Robustella7 Krizia Robustella6 Krizia Robustella5 Krizia Robustella4 Krizia Robustella3   Krizia Robustella 9 Krizia Robustella8

Beauty Guru

PFW SS16: Make-up Trends

October 14, 2015

Hi there Beauty!  

During the Paris Fashion Week it wasn’t all about the new collections, I was also paying attention to the make-up styles that were shown on the runway! In order to give you some heads up, I selected two make-up trends which we will be seeing a lot upcoming Spring and Summer.

Make-up Trend #1: Au Natural
Most of the designers let all of the attention go to their outfits by leaving the make-up as natural as possible. I spotted many earth colors in combination with a soft pink blush to keep the look fresh and young. Some tips for getting your make-up nice and natural:

  • Use a CC Cream instead of a foundation and finish it off with a mineral powder in order to prevent getting shiny. Create a flushed fresh look by brushing some pink blush over your cheeks while you are smiling.
  • Use a brown eyeshadow to contour your eyes slightly. It’s very important to keep it subtle: it will emphasize your eyes without showing that you are wearing make-up. Add one layer of mascara and you are good to go!SS16 make-up trendsPFW-John-Galiano-SS16-25







Make-up Trend #2: Colorful Eyes

SS16 Make-Up TrendThe upcoming Spring and Summer season emphasizes the eyes! If you feel like getting more creative than the aunatural look, try some color or a graphic eyeliner. On the runway I saw many bright colors such as yellow, orange and gold: very warm and summer-ish indeed! What I love about this trend is that the color doesn’t just stay on the eyelid: it is applied at the side of the face as well, right above the cheekbones. The graphic eyeliner also gets more extreme with smudgy, long and thick lines. it’s perfect that these eye-looks are supposed to look a bit nonchalant and messy: if you mess up with your experiment you can still pull it off ;)

SS16 Make-up Trends

SS16 Make-Up Trends







What do you think of the upcoming beauty trends? I will enjoy doing some beauty experiments as soon as I scored new eyeshadows! Does anyone have good tips for me?

Lots of Love,