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VLOG: My trip to Berlin with Hunkemöller

September 25, 2016

Not that long ago I went on a trip with Hunkemöller to Berlin, because they were going to announce who was going to be the new face of my favorite lingerie brand…. Doutzen Kroes! I am VERY happy with this choice, and the beautiful collection they created together. Did you already see it? In my vlog you can check out a little sneakpeek of the designs, the beautiful Doutzen, delicious snacks, and a quick tour through Berlin. Thank you  SO much Hunkemöller, for letting me join this amazing experience!

Lots of Love,


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Fashion Video: Fun Fun Fun!

July 6, 2016

Not that long ago I was in Rotterdam for Salonè della Moda, and I loved one of my outfits so much that I shot a short fashion video with Lucas Bakx for it! I know I know… not necessarily an outfit you could wear on a daily basis, but doesn’t that make it much more fun and special to wear?!

What I like about fashion is that you can get creative and make it fun with different combinations of styles, colors, materials and more! I guess my slogan came into existence for a reason:

“A Creative Mind Equals an Endless Wardrobe”

Shop the look: 

Denim Jacket: Vintage

Bralette: Shop Tobi

Skirt: Matilde Cano

Sunglasses: Linda FarrowPassage BCN

Sneakers: Pull & Bear

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VLOG: an amazing event with Passage BCN & Italia Independent

June 22, 2016

Vlog Alert! As you might have already seen on my Instagram last week, I collaborated with Passage BCN again for a follow-up event on the bloggers night! The 4 bloggers that won the last design competition are now competing with each other: who will get their sunglasses produced by Italia Independent? The event was such a great success that it got a full page in the national newspaper the next day, couldn’t be happier :) You can check it out here

It was amazing to see that the event attracted many highlights from the fashion world. First of all Lapo Elkann himself paid a visit: the owner of Italia Independent. Others that enjoyed passing by Passage Barelona were inter alia the chairman of Mango, a Spanish TV Actress, the owner of Rabat, Illustrator Jordi Labanda, TV3, and many Spanish top bloggers!

I decided to make a vlog to show you how my day went: from building up the location to all the amazing people that came… enjoy! :)  Continue Reading

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VLOG: Hunkemöller Ambassador Day!

May 31, 2016

Hi Guys,

Guess who is the newest Ambassador for Hunkemöller? This girl!

It´s Vlog time! Last week I was invited for my very first Ambassador Day, I´ve been a huge fan of Hunkemöller for many years so you can imagine it was still feeling quite surrealistic that they invited me! The event took place in a super stylish beach bar in Zandvoort, a beach town close to Amsterdam. When we arrived we had a lovely lunch and afterwards I joined a brainstorm session about the newest sport collection, where we were able to give our opinions. I think it´s so cool that Hunkemöller will actually use that feedback to improve their designs! Can´t wait to see the results :) After the brainstorm session all of the ambassadors got into hair and make-up for a photoshoot in the latest bikini collection, I will post some pics down below!


Hunkemöller1 Hunkemöller2

The reason I chose this bright pink limited edition bikini from Hunkemöller is because I love the design of the top, AND I look tanned in this color without being tanned yet! As a person who needs all summer to work on her tan I desperately need a bikini like this!

The shoot was lots of fun but very cold because the wind was so icy! I didn´t care though: I was having too much fun with finding more beautiful locations haha. Nevertheless I was quite relieved when it was dinner time so we all could warm up with some delicious food provided by the beach bar. To end the day we all got an ice cream for the way back to Amsterdam – yasssss –  Thank you Hunkemöller! 

P.s. What did you guys think about my vlog? Would you like to see more videos like this? Let me know and maybe I will start doing more Behind the Scenes & Lifestyle stuff!

Photography by: Jeseja Hizkia Hutubessy

Videography by: Lucas Bakx

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3 Surprising Habits from Creative Thinkers + Mini Giveaway!

April 30, 2016

Not that long ago I saw this TED video and found it truly inspiring and motivational! Obviously I had to share this with you guys, I had to share the message: all of us have the chance to be great, all we need is a little reminder. In this TED Talk Adam Grant wonders about the question “How do creative people come up with Great Ideas?” He explains about his studies of ‘Originals’: creative thinkers who dream up new ideas and take action to make them happen. In this talk he speaks about three unexpected habits he was able to recognize in Originals: Continue Reading

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The 7DayRecharge Experience

April 21, 2016

The VLOG is out guys! In the end of March, I followed the 7DayRecharge Program out of curiosity: is it possible to change up my lifestyle? The program states that it hands you practical tips to improve your lifestyle on long terms… so of course I had to find out whether that was true! I already wrote a blog on my 5 favorite things that I loved to learn during the 7DayRecharge Program right after I finished it. But now I will be telling you if it really DID change my life, now that it has been 3 weeks later. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Lots of Love,



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Work out like a Model with ModelWorkout and Hunkemöller!

April 20, 2016

Hey guys!

As you might remember, a while ago Hunkemöller gave me the cutest workout outfit ever so obviously I had to test it! The written review is already on the blog, but now you can also enjoy a ‘tag along’ workout video with Modelworkout! I asked Paultje Column from Modelworkout to show me a full body workout which is not too hard to do by myself and will give me a fit body for summer, so here it is guys… You think you can keep up?! As you can see in the video I am most definitely NOT the biggest workout hero myself so don’t be shy and give it a try. Let’s get this ‘Operation Bikini’ started! P.s. I also have a Surprise Giveaway for 2 of my newsletter subscribers, so make sure to keep reading! If you weren’t subscribed yet, make sure to do it now so you are up in the running for my future giveaways!

Besides, I also took advantage of the opportunity to ask Paultje some questions about his career as professional coach and trainer of models. Read the interview down below to learn more about his tips for getting that perfect body! Continue Reading

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Who is that Blonde goes Skiing for the first Time!

March 23, 2016

Hi there guys!

Last week I was in Andorra with Stoke Travel and the winner of my March Giveaway, it was incredible! The first day I was absolutely terrified but the second day I got so much better already! Alex and Adri convinced me to take on the blue slope with them, which was like a huugee step for me considering the day before I only managed the baby slope and the green slope.

During the evenings we had fun hanging out in our hotel rooms and a nearby bar, it’s incredible to see how much internationals are attracted to Andorra! Thank you everyone, you all made my experience so much better!

All in all I am super proud of myself for facing my fears, pushing my boundaries, and learning new things while doing so! In the end it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, which just proves once again that your ‘ limits’  are defined by your own mind, not by your actual capacities. Remember that darlings!

Lots of Love,


Continue Reading

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10 Ways to spot a Burnout and 11 Ways to handle it

February 24, 2016

Hey everyone,

As you might have noticed, the fashion week season is in full blossom, yet I am hanging around in my comfy home in sunny Barcelona. In case you might wonder why: for the past few weeks – or even months –  I’ve been under a lot of pressure and I decided to take it easy this season. I’ve been doing some research and I came to the conclusion that I’m on the edge of a burnout due to an overload of expectations, workload, pressure and perfectionism.

“But you’ve been doing great! What happened?” Exactly, I’ve been doing more than great all these weeks. In fact, I’ve been doing SO great that my current workload is around 75 hours a week, not counting the other hours I spend thinking about work on the side (I’m not even joking, I’ve been keeping track of my hours). It would be lovely to already earn enough money to hire people to take on a part of that workload, but as long as I’m not there yet, I’m on my own. And since I want my work to be top quality, I will not stop working until it’s perfect. Competition is though, can you blame me?

I was doubting whether I should write about this, or even let anyone know that I might have issues since the world of social media is supposed to be perfect. I neither wanted to give the idea that I’m trying to get compliments or attention with this: I simply figured that since my blog is supposed to be about me helping people with my personal experiences, it would be hypocrite of me to leave out the negative things. And who knows, maybe I can actually help someone by talking about my own experience. Especially in the world of creative freelancers I am sure there are more of you out there that are on the edge of a burnout, since we never seem to be able to stop working. So this one is for you: let’s get better together! In the video I talk about everything you need to know, but in case you want to read more details, check out the text below:  Continue Reading