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My opinion on the #MeToo campaign

November 1, 2017

I just wanted to say that I’m so proud to see all the amazing reactions and support that I’ve been getting! Last month I posted a picture on Instagram where I was talking about sexual abuse and it’s great to see how women are stepping up and sharing their stories! Did anyone else see the #Metoo or the #IkOok campaign on social media? Isn’t it devastating to see that so many women have experience(s) with sexual violence?

Don’t forget: women are pretty amazing and we have to stick together and continue to don’t take bullshit from inappropriate men, it doesn’t matter how ‘innocent’ they say that their jokes or touches are. If you are not feeling comfortable, it will NEVER be innocent. When your gut tells you something is wrong, trust yourself and take action!

As a model it’s incredible how much sexual abuse I have seen in the fashion world – mentally as well as physically. Why is this still considered ‘normal’?! From photographers that behave very inappropriate to producers who tell you that they will give you a super cool job if you just ‘forget that you have a boyfriend’. Young models are terrified to ruin their career if they would make too much drama of it, or get into trouble with influential people, which results in silence. It’s about time that we all step up and make a stand together. It is NEVER okay if someone crosses your personal boundaries, let’s break the silence! I think that this whole Harvey Weinstein scandal is great because it finally encourages women from all around the world to realize that it’s okay to say ‘no’ and to don’t feel guiltly about it.Remember, you are not alone. We are 50% of the population and we have a voice! It’s time for these type of men to realize that you do not mess with us. We are not sexual objects. We are intelligent, emphatic and individual HUMANS who should be treated with respect. So let’s get this straight once and for all:

  • The fact that I’m nice to you doesn’t mean that I want to sleep with you.
  • The fact that I wear cute short dresses doesn’t meant that you have the right to touch me.
  • The fact that I’m not prude doesn’t mean that I like your sexual and highly inappropriate talk.
  • The fact that I pose in lingerie doesn’t mean you have the right to see me in lingerie in real life.
  • The fact that you would like to sleep with me, doesn’t mean that you have the right to assume that I want the same.

I could honestly go on forever, but I think you all got the point. I will end this rant for now, but always know you can send me a message at any time. We are stronger together <3

Lots of Love,



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