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The ONE thing that succesful people DON’T do

August 23, 2017

This is going to be a short blog, but I just had to get these thoughts out! I’ve been working in the media – and fashionworld for almost 10 years already and sometimes I’m still stunned by some people (no one in particular, just a general observation). You see, In the media -and fashionworld it is easy to find it: arrogance. What is it with becoming succesful that makes people think they are better than others? Here’s one important reason why the really succesful people don’t get arrogant:

Before I start, please note: there is nothing wrong with looking back and realizing what you have achieved so far. It is good to be proud of yourself! However, what I really can’t stand is people who suddenly start treating you differently or get crazy expectations for collaborations just because they had a couple of good achievements. Doing so, they don’t realize about a couple of very important factors:

1. You never know who could be a useful contact for you in the future. Maybe they will score a super cool job, but since you treated them like shit they will make sure not to work with you anymore.

2. Once you become ‘difficult’ to work with, companies won’t come back for more. Sure, maybe now you are getting a lot of jobs, but as soon as the word is out that you are terrible to work with, companies will think twice before contacting you again.

3. You are a professional, act like one. Why would you act different just because you are good at your job? The reason why you’ve been getting successes is because you worked your ass off to get where you are. Don’t let a bad attitude ruin that. Just keep in mind: the companies /people you are working with are your clients, and customer is king right? 

What I’ve noticed in the creative industry so far is that most of the really succesful people are always very professional, humble and ambitious: they always look ahead and realize that there are still many steps to undertake in order to keep growing. They are proud but realize that there is still a lot more work to do and that customer service is essential for growth. A big network with happy contacts is an essential way to keep getting more cool jobs and to get that ‘like factor’ you need in order to get recommendations. 

Next week I will write a blog specially dedicated to this: what do succesful people do RIGHT? I’ve been working with Sanoma for a while now, and I’ll share what I’ve learned about brand collabs with freelancers/ influencers so far. If you have any specific questions let me know and I’ll make sure to answer them!

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