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3 Instagram poses that are WINNING and easy to do

March 20, 2017

As a model, I’ve been posing in front of the camera for many years already. Now that I started moving from fashion shoots to streetstyle pics, I obviously use the skills that I’ve gained over the years. Here are 3 poses which will make you look like your best self! You can thank me later ;P

1. Lean Back

Try this out: stand straight and then take one step back with one of your feet. Vital for this pose, is that all of your weight is on the back foot because it makes you stand up straight and creates that effortlessly cool look. Extra plus points: it makes your legs look longer and skinnier. YASSS. P.s. As you can see this pose even works in a seated position! 

2. Endless Legs

Who doesn’t want to have Karlie Kloss legs? I sure do. Even though my legs are relatively short, I manage to make them look super long with this easy pose. Just sit down and stretch out one of your legs a big farther than the other. For an extra cute effect, make sure to press your toes down.

3. Over the Shoulder

The main reason why I like this pose is because it gives you a beautiful defined jawline. For casual vibes do a little walk and simply turn your head around. You can also give it some extra fashion vibes by standing strong and facing your chin more down.


Boom! Give these poses a try and you will see your Instagram become even more gorgeous. Make sure to tag me:) Do you have any winning poses that we need to know about? Let me know!

Lots of Love,


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