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How to make the perfect flatlay

January 11, 2017

By now we all have seen the most beautiful flatlays while going through our feeds. Don’t you always wonder how these bloggers pull it off to make such stylish compositions of random items? Would you like to give it a try yourself? Check out my tips for making the perfect flatlay! 

1. Pick a theme: the first thing you do when making a flatlay. It is important that the items that you choose for your flatlay all express a certain vibe or concept together, otherwise it gets messy.

flatlay-class flatlay6

2. Find the Light: bright daylight is essential for a good flatlay. The light has to be as white and diffuse as possible to give full emphasis to the items. Unless you want to go for a ‘goodmorning’ vibe bed flatlay, then side light could be charming.


3. Choose your Center: a flatlay is always based around 1 or 2 center pieces. The other items are merely there to support the vibes, structures and/or colors that you want to express with those center pieces.flatlay-class-4flatlay4

4. Pick a Color Palette: if the colors in a flatlay don’t match, it gets messy. Make a color palette of 2-3 colors and choose your supporting items wisely.


5. Choose your Composition: the way you compose your flatlays is very personal. Some people like very busy flatlays while others prefer minimalism. No matter what: always make sure that there is enough space between each item and to leave some white spaces in order to create balance in your image. Last but not least: keep in mind that the flatlays are always captured in squared framing, and that not all the items have to be fully in the image. flatlay-class-5flatlay-class2

6. Editing: with the right editing skills you can bring your flatlay to the next level. Personally I use Snapseed to emphasize colors, white spaces, structures and more. What I like about this app is the fact that it has a brush which allows you to edit only very detailed areas of the picture. For those who get frustrated about the warm color that your white background has: first use the saturation brush to take out all the saturation, and then the exposure brush to make it even more white. Problem solved!



If you want to see some more examples or tips, check out this video tutorial from Drew Scott!

What kind of flatlays are your favorite? I started practicing my flatlays skills 2 months ago, so if anyone has more tips let me know!

Lots of Love,


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