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Discovery of the Week: Missha BB Cream

November 27, 2016

Two weeks ago I was going through my growing pile of beauty products. I often receive samples from brands to try out their products and it’s almost impossible to find out which ones actually work for me. This day in specific I was looking for a cream that wouldn’t block my pores all too much, but would still give me some light coverage during the day: my skin was doing really well so I didn’t want to wear my usual foundation. 

missha-bb-creamMy eye fell on a couple of small Perfect Coverage BB Cream samples from Missha – a Korean beauty brand that I got to know in Barcelona – and decided to give it a try. The cream hydrated very well and gave just the right amount of coverage to hide the small imperfections of my skin. I’ve been trying the cream for a while now and I really notice it doesn’t clog my pores, which makes it perfect for natural/ casual days.

In case I need some extra coverage or less shine, I combine the BB Cream with the mineral powder from Clinique, these two complement each other perfectly!

Have you ever heard of the brand Missha before? Which BB Cream do you guys use?

Lots of Love,


P.s. One of my other discoveries is this amazing restaurant in Barcelona: Tia Santa! Check it out. 

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