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What to do in case of a Writer’s Block

October 24, 2016

A writer’s block. Everyone must know what I’m talking about: those agonizing days when you have to write something but you just cannot find the right words – may it be for a school essay, a blogpost or a personal letter. I definitely had my fair share of blocked days, and let me tell you one thing: staring at your screen for hours won’t get the text done. I can almost hear you thinking… “No sh*t smartypants… so then what should I do?” Over the years that I’ve been writing I picked up a couple of tricks myself, keep reading! 

1. Embrace It

Keep reminding yourself: you are only human! You cannot function perfectly 24/7. Usually when people have a writer’s block they are very hard on themselves because they feel like they are failing on something that is supposed to be easy. Let me tell you something: sometimes it is simply not that easy. Sometimes it flows, sometimes it doesn’t. That’s out of your control. You might as well chill while you wait for the blockage to pass.

2. Do Stuff

I am pretty sure that we can all agree that angrily staring at your screen for hours won’t get you anywhere, right? So instead, decide to use your time better by getting out. Get some fresh air, visit a friend, go to a museum, make a walk. Literally… anything. Not only will it give your mind a break from the frustration, it will hopefully also inspire you for some great new content.

3. Go OfflineHow to fix a writers block

In case you didn’t read my blog about “How the Internet is killing your Creativity” yet, this might give you some more insight. The bottom line is: when your brain is so busy soaking up all the impulses we get from the internet, it doesn’t have time to work on its own ideas and thoughts. So give your brain some space to think by going offline for a while, it will do magic!

4. Make Notes

Usually when I feel like I have a writer’s block I have a lot of random words or ideas in my head, but I can’t seem to connect them to each other. What I do is: writing down all the loose thoughts in my notes app, and let it go. After some days I take a look at all the notes that I made and often I start seeing patterns, or the words give me inspiration to think further towards complete new ideas. Super useful!

Does anyone else recognize these writer’s block issues? Do you have any tricks yourself that work? Let me know!

Lots of Love,


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