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Blondie Sleepover Party!

August 22, 2016

Yay! Who doesn’t love a good Sleepover Party? Hanging with your bestie, watching girly movies, dancing in the middle of the room, laughing till you end on the floor, going over the latest gossip, eating snacks that you shouldn’t be eating and much more! It has been such a long time since my last sleepover that I am seriously organizing a big one when I am back in the Netherlands… Who is in?


Hunkemöller Sleepover Hunkemöller Sleepover3

Okay I’m going to have to be honest: this is NOT what me and Christel Schuurman look like during our usual Sleepover parties – usually we are a lot less charming. These pictures were taken by Jesaja Hizkia during a social shoot for Hunkemöller with some of their newest PJ’s! Didn’t make it less fun though :)

Hunkemöller Sleepover2 Hunkemöller Sleepover5 Hunkemöller Sleepover6

Watch out! You guys will be seeing a lot more of this duo. It’s still a secret for now but it’s going to be awesome!

Lots of Love,


P.s. Does anyone have good Sleepover Ideas for me? I want to organize something new and fun! 

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