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Face Mapping: The Reason Why you get Acne Breakouts – and How to Fix it

August 7, 2016

After having a pretty good skin for the past couple of months, I have been noticing that lately my acne breakouts have increased, but only on the right side of my face… isn’t that weird? Do you guys have such specific acne breakouts as well? Today I was tired of wondering, decided to search for some Google Wisdom, and learned all about Face Mapping.

Yes. Apparently, there is this thing called ‘Face Mapping‘: “an ancient practice rooted in Ayurveda teaching and Chinese medicine that treats your face as a roadmap to pinpoint underlying issues in other parts of your body.” If you are having acne breakouts on specific spots on your face, face mapping connects that area of your face to an organ or body part, which allows you to make the necessary changes to your diet or lifestyle to make it go away. Wait a minute… did you say… “Make it go away”?? This stuff is getting interesting!

How it Works

Let’s say that the skin on your face is a reflection of your health. Your body functions on several systems – lympathic, neurological, digestive, etc. — and all of them are connected. If one system is affected this will also affect the others, so with face mapping we verify what’s going on inside of our bodies – because every body part is connected to different organs. Here is a little guide, keep reading for extra explanation!


Face Mapping

Forehead: According to Chinese medicine, the area above your brows is linked to your gallbladder and liver so try to take care of your diet. Furthermore it’s important to don’t get your stress levels too high and get some regulation in your sleeping pattern.

Temples/ Eyebrows: If you have acne breakouts around your temples and eyebrows, you might have a poor circulation or problems with your gallbladder. Try eating less processed or junk food and reduce the amount of fat in your diet.

Nose: Your nose, not surprisingly, is connected to your lungs and heart. To combat breakouts in this area, you should be cutting back on spicy foods, meat, and salt and replacing them with fruits, veggies, nuts (which are full of good fats like omega-3 and 6). If you’re getting constant breakouts on your nose, check your blood pressure and vitamin B levels— upping your vitamin B intake can help combat flare-ups.

Left Cheek: Chinese medicine is really big on left and right. If you’re breaking out on the left side of your face, you should eat more “cooling foods”—think winter melon, cucumber, and so on. The left cheek is more connected to your liver, which is the weakest between one to five p.m. in the afternoon. So if you’re having a breakout on your left cheek, try to avoid any strenuous work during that time of day.

Right Cheek: The right side cheek is more connected to your lungs. You should try doing aerobic and breathing exercises early in the morning to strengthen your lungs. The right cheek is also more sugar-focused. If you’re breaking out on your right cheek, it’s also recommended cutting back on junk food and sugar, as well as wine, taro, and seafood.

Mouth/ Lip Area: If you suffer from breakouts around your mouth area, once again, your diet could be to blame. The area around your mouth is associated with your digestive organs, like your intestines and liver. It is recommended cutting back on spicy foods and fried foods, while eating more fiber, fruits, and veggies. Also: try switching up your toothpaste to see if there are any changes.

Chin: Modern acupuncturists would say that if you break out around your chin, you should get your hormone levels checked, but stress can also be a huge part of it. You should try drinking spearmint tea and taking omega-3 to soothe these breakouts, as well as talking to your gynecologist about your hormone levels.

What do you guys think about Face Mapping? Doe those acne breakouts suddenly make sense now? Let me know!

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  • Reply pauline@revitol acnezine acne solution December 19, 2016 at 10:05 am

    Stress is one of the most common factor of getting acne. The best way to get rid off this is to remain stress free and to maintain a healthy diet.

  • Reply Tressie@Dermology Anti-Aging Cream December 20, 2016 at 11:12 am

    These are many reasons of breakouts of skin . It cloud be the climatic reasons or the internal body problems that cause this problems try to figure out those problems and them you will easily got the solution to the breakouts.

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