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How to keep your Communication on Fleek

March 20, 2016

Hi guys!

As a freelancer you are obviously trying to get as much jobs as possible to make sure you can pay your rent in the end of the month (and because – overachievers -), so it totally makes sense you often mix up your communications. We mail dozens of people/ brands on a daily basis so it’s normal to forget who exactly you mailed, what you told them, and whether they already replied.


What you do NOT want is to miss that amazing opportunity because you forgot to reply, or because you should have sent them a kind reminder. So why not keep track of your important conversations to make sure you work as efficient as possible? I tried remembering all of my important convo’s but this eventually will make your head explode – not good for your health nor your business. So how to organize your communication? It literally doesn’t have to be more complicated than a simple Microsoft Word table like shown down below:

Communication Table

Whether you prefer to work digital or to print it out, or whether you like to keep a daily or a weekly table: this will work perfectly fine for you! In case you prefer print you should definitely buy a map where you keep all of your tables so you can check your communication history as well. Personally I prefer to use this schedule in a thematic way so I always know where to find the communication I’m looking for. For example: I have communication tables for the brands I am reaching out to for collaborations, Agencies that are interested in working with me, Photographers that want to organize a shooting, etc. etc. But hey! Everyone has to figure out what works well for him/herself right? Down below I explain a bit more about how I would recommend using this Communication Table:

Who: Write down the name of the company, where you found them and on what e-mail you contacted them.

When: Write down the date you contacted them and, if necessary, on which date you should send them a reminder in case they forget to answer you. Personally I would recommend 7 working days, you don’t want to harass them! If they still don’t answer you after 2 reminders it’s probably best to color block this convo Red and let it go, it’s not necessary to keep wasting your time on e-mailing them.

What: Write down a couple of keywords on what the conversation is about. Also useful: use color codes to prioritize the importance of each conversation so you know on which ones you should react ASAP.

Response: Write down a couple of keywords on what their response was about. In case this block is still blank it means they didn’t answer yet and you should send them a friendly reminder!

Note: Is there anything worth mentioning about this conversation? This is the place to write it down to remind yourself, no need to keep everything stuck in your head when there is more than enough work going on!

Do you think this Communication Table will be useful for you? Give me feedback and I will be working on improving it for you guys!

Lots of Love,


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