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The Reason why we’ve been Treating our Make-up all Wrong

March 2, 2016

Guestpost by professional Make-Up Artist Milla Kramenstretter!

As we all know, make-up is superfun to buy. All those pretty colors and cute packages can be very hard to resist. And adding a new lipstick to your collection can also lighten and brighten up your day. But by owning a massive collection of beauty products it’s easy to fall into a familiar and common problem: A box full of ‘junk’ that past its time. Expired make-up can cause irritation to the skin and cause break outs, and can even lead to an infection of the eyes!

To give an insight on the make-up expiration date see the quick guide below:

Product Expiration date/period
Mascara 2-4 months
Liquid and gel eyeliners 2-3 months
Eyeliner pencil 18-24 months (by sharpening eye pencils regularly, use you will automatically remove the top layer and clean them)
Cream eyeshadow 6-12 months
Powder eyeshadow 24 months (powder based products have the longest lifetime)
Powder blush 18-24 months
Cream blush 6-12 months
Fixing powder 12-24 months
Cream foundation and concealers 6-12 months
Liquid foundations and concealers 3-6 months
Liquid lip gloss and lipstick 3-4 months (after opening)
Lip liner pencils 18-24 months

So how should we check the Expire Date?

Next to the guide above, you can find information on almost every cosmetic product’s package, indicated by a small sign with a bottle, a number and a big M. This sign informs you how long you can keep using your product safely after opening it. My personal advice is to throw away the products which you touch with your fingers or with which you make regular eye- and lip contact even faster. Examples are mascara, liquid gloss and liquid concealer


How you should take care of your Make-Up

Another useful tip from my side is to clean up the jar, box or make-up case (wherever you store your items) regularly. Furthermore, it’s also important to protect the outside of your cosmetics with a cleaning tissue, so you won’t have anything sticky and glittery in between your goodies.

Besides, I think it’s very important to keep your brushes and make-up tools clean. At cosmetic stores you can buy a spray that’s especially made to clean your brushes. It’s easy to use and after you sprayed them you can wipe them off with a towel or tissue (till no more colors come out of the brush). I usually do this, on a daily basis: in between the shoots with models/clients while at work. If you don’t clean your brushes regularly this

Another smart move in case you are using your tools and products on yourself: on a longer term (for me: every day when I got home) I would use some gel cleanser, or even dish washing soap, to wash each of my brushes by the running water. Pay attention to don’t let them swim in the dirty water!

The Cleaning Process

I put some cleanser in my hand, take the brush in the other hand and make gentle circling movements with the brush in the cleanser gel till all of the color and fat goes out of the brush. Finally, I rinse away all the residues with running water. If necessary, repeat this several times. When the brush is clean and color-, fat- and soap free, make sure to turn the hairs of the brush back to their original shape before laying it down to a clean, dry towel. Here they can dry for a couple of hours or during the whole night.

I prefer not to store them, wet, standing in a mug because they will lose their shape. Keep in mind that synthetic brushes dry faster and that brushes of real hair need extra time to take good care of. A wet brush is difficult to use if you want to have the make-up properly done, so make sure they dried up well before using them again!

If you want to get more tips and tricks, or if you just like to know about my favorite products, don’t hesitate to contact me! :)

Milla Kramenstetter

Freelance Hair- & Make-Up Artist by FACEROCK

Instagram: facerockme



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