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Snuggle Up! Rocking PJ’s from Hunkemöller

November 23, 2015

We cannot avoid it anymore guys… Winter is arriving and it’s time to snuggle up! If we don’t have to be outside to rock the layered trend, it is SO much better to stay inside in your PJ’s, am I right?! I have a confession to make to you guys: I love fashion with all my heart, but if I would have to choose my working outfit I will always go for the fluffy pyjama! Lucky me that a lot of my blogging work is at home behind my laptop… ;)


Anyways, we were talking about PJ’s! Where to get them this season?! Last friday I received news that the  Cozy Collection from Hunkemöller had been launched and since this is one of my favorite brands, I rushed to one of the few shops here in Barcelona to check it out!


Like a little kid in Winterwonderland I hopped to all the different designs, the collection is so varied! Pyjama’s, blankets, fluffy onesies, socks, hats, bathrobes, and more! After trying on pretty much the full collection, I decided to go for a pink fluffy onesie to wear during my ‘Stay at home workingdays’ (IT’S SO FLUFFYYY! – yes, I made a Despicable Me reference there), and a cute Scandanavian inspired pyjama dress with a matching hat and slipper boots.



Simple, cute, comfy and soft… that’s how I would like to dress every single day! Do you guys like the looks that I chose? What kind of outfit is your favorite to wear at home?


That was it! How to rock your PJ’s #flawlessly, may your winterdays be snuggly and fluffy my dears. Now if you excuse me, it’s time to get back to my blanket and cup of tea!

Lots of Love,


P.s. Here is also a tip for you lovelies! At the moment Hunkemöller has some special discounts on the Cozy Collections for the early birds: if you buy two products you get 20% discount, if you buy three products you get 30%! You’re welcome :)

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